Responding to the Crisis with a New Normal

    Freedom is more about the faith and trust applied to every area and at all times in our life. Learning to respond is the key to finding freedom’s power for our journey. I’m sure that sounds so philosophical it bores you yet the truth of that thought is the measure of our faith at work in a real way during times where the world around us is in fear riddled panic. We simply need the freedom to believe what we say is true; that God’s power can sustain us with the courage to step forward in strength and authority.

   Jesus says, “Fear not, for I am with you, I will not forsake nor abandon you”. That; “Perfect love cast out all fear”. And “nothing can separate us from the love in Christ Jesus, not death, trials, persecution ….. not even a virus”. Therefore, take heart and believe that you may be free; free to be, do, and serve with FAITH that will be the substance and evidence of all the solutions to the unknowns you face in these days and hours, even now! We’ve said all that to prepare FMC’s response to this hour of fear.

    We will not diminish the reality of the threat that is before us these days nor try to offer opinions to its severity or not. (enough has been reported and surely opinions shared) What we do want to offer is Frankfort Freedom Ministries’ strategy for the immediate. This strategy is framed around these truths known about man’s struggle and enemy’s attack. The discipline of following Jesus is a lifelong process but can be destroyed within an absence of 3-4 weeks. Whether it’s studying, reading, fellow-shipping, tithing, or even trusting; it takes no time at all to lose what you know you need. Also, isolation is the greatest tool of the evil one to attack the individual and Body of followers of Christ. Therefore FMC will:

  1. Continue to maintain our normal schedule of ministry with a few modifications to provide the comfort and security desired and or chosen. (includes weekly groups) In addition:
  2. We are challenging each of you to look for and cease opportunities to minister to the elderly and children of our church family and community. (deliver groceries, encouraging notes and calls, etc)
  3. Prayer requests will be maintained and prayed over daily and weekly. The request can be made thru Jessica, Deb, Dan Cook or myself; there will be scheduled times available for you to come to church for individual prayer…(schedule forth coming) Also:
  4. The services will be loaded on web site podcast immediately after morning worship; ( ); we are attempting in addition, to live stream services via FB (info will come asap)… if neither of these options are convenient for those who can’t attend we still have the recorded cd’s available per request. Should you need internet assistance just contact us… For safety:
  5. We will be stepping up our cleaning before and after services, as well as gathers. Additional volunteers would be appreciated and NEEDED ; contact Sondra or Anita Risner
  6. The coffee bar will NOT be provided until safety no longer an issue; children’s snacks will NO LONGER be given during service but as take home only.
  7. Don’t be discouraged or offended by a lack of hugs and embraces which are our norm; become part of the new norm for a season called “Chicken Wing Love”!!!! Lol It will be fun. Finally:
  8. Spiritual issues and disciplines maintained are essential to the maturity of each of you. (Don’t lose contact or ground) Spend time sharing on phone or wherever you feel safe, call for pastoral counsel, continue to tithe (our address will be printed on tithe envelops), make every effort to be a part of church family, electronically or personal, and above all DON”T BE AFRAID!



We will continue to do our best not to put you or your family at risk with decisions made while balancing everything with the promise of the Lord that the enemy will not win this battle. We refuse to accept the evil one can defeat the plans He has for you on your faith journey and as a church, even in the midst of “Building Forward”. This picture looks impossible but “with God all things are possible” For it is not by might or power but by the spirit thus says the Lord!